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The atmosphere in our aftercare session is caring, relaxed and fun. A home away home environment for those children who spend a longer day at school. During the aftercare session the children are divided into three groups.

  • Grade N + R
  • Grade 1 -3
  • Grade 4-9

All children from Grade N-2 participate in drawing, colouring, cutting or other fine motor/ craft/ creative activities, as well as supervised outdoor play and story time.

Grade R-9 has homework session included in the afternoon.

There is no aftercare during school holidays.


From after school with two exit times: 2pm and 5pm. Aftercare fees are additional and not included in the school fees. Fee structure policy available on the enrolment form.


Aftercare is primarily a service for working parents however casuals will be accommodated at a cost to the parent, which will be billed from the time they are in aftercare to the time they leave.


Aftercare clothes are to be sent with your child everyday so that they are able to change after school. This will prevent their school clothes getting dirty and messy from the jungle gym ,creative work and outdoor activities.


Monday Hotdogs and juice
Tuesday Cheese ,ham or chicken mayo sandwiches with fruit and juice
Wednesday Macaroni mince and cheese and juice
Thursday Beans, Vienna and bread with fruit and juice
Friday Hamburgers and juice

What does aftercare offer

  • A safe and Godly environment
  • Personal Development and Growth
  • A home away from home environment
  • Organised and structured timetable
  • Social and outdoor activities


  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Building character and discipline
  • Social awareness and interaction
  • Teamwork, Sportmanship and leadership
  • Positive, active and healthy lifestyle
  • Support, appraisal and recognition system

Aftercare activities