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The National Curriculum: The Curriculum & Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) informs and directs teaching and learning in this phase. We comply with minimal standards required and go beyond. Management monitor the curriculum plan and its implementation closely.

Learners write the Conquesta external Olympiad and the ANA tests as per Department of Education.

English is the home language and learners are given a choice between Isizulu and Afrikaans as a first additional language. The inclusion of physical education, art, computers and library lessons promotes the holistic development of the child. Extra - curricular activities such as sport and dance as well as excursions, form an integral part of the curriculum. A calendar of both academics and cultural events is drawn up and given to learners every term. An addition to the computer curriculum for Grades 1-3 is a fantastic new programme, purple mash.


Lessons observed showed that teaching and learning is of a good standard.

  • The foundation phase boasts excellent classroom environment. Teachers go beyond the call of duty to ensure that learners are in an exciting and attractive environment.
  • Homework and learning is given on a daily basis and forms a routine with learners, and this becomes a skill for life.
  • The work of the learners is of a high standard. Intervention strategies such as remediation, extra lessons, extension and feedback to parents are all inclusive of the programme.
  • Learners that are absent will receive a form from the educator with work the learner has missed.


  • All assessments are moderated by management first.
  • Assessments are on a continuous basis and the quality of assessments are excellent.
  • Learner’s progress is communicated every term via written reports and two parent interviews.
  • Learners with learning problems are screened by an Educational Psychologists.
  • Learner’s strengths, areas for development and general progress are communicated.
  • All grades receive an assessment schedule at the beginning of the term with break downs and aspects to study for as well as test dates.

Foundation : Extra Curricular


Foundation : Extra Mural


Foundation Phase Teachers, from left to right: Miss S Stevens, Miss M Mather, Mrs V Pershad, Mrs C Bailey, Mrs L McArthur and Miss A Mc Connell.

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